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The photo archive is indexed in two main ways: On this page the "Index of Photos" list each photo by name with a brief description. Photos are listed alphabetically by title. Clicking on the photo title will take you directly to a full size view of the picture in the JPEG (*.jpg) format. To see tumbnails (small versions) of the pictures click "Thumbnails, Page 1". Simply click the small picture to veiw the full size image.

Downloading pictures: Researchers and family members are welcome to download pictures to add to personal archives and websites. To download a picture simply click on the image with the right mouse button and choose "Save picture As...".

Index of Pictures

  1. Clara Eleanor (Sanford) Cheek: as a teen.
  2. Clara Eleanor (Sanford) Cheek: portrait.
  3. Clara Eleanor (Sanford) Cheek: 3 yrs. old at Sanford farm house in Benton Co., Arkansas.
  4. Charles Edwin Kunkel & Flora Agnes (Kunkel), Homer, and Terry Cheek
  5. Charles Edwin & Martha Rebecca (Todd) Kunkel with grand-children: (Virgie, Homer, Dorthy, Harold Cheek; Clarence, Wilma, Vinita, Munard Kunkel) on homestead.
  6. Edward M. & Elizebeth J. Cheek's homestead: with friends and family.
  7. Edward Mortimer & Elizebeth Jane (Russell) Cheek: portrait, digitally mastered.
  8. Edwin Calhoun Sanford: in front of his Joplin, Missouri home.
  9. Ernice Lafayette and Flora Agnes (Kunkel) Cheek: April 1968.
  10. Ernice L., Flora A. and children: Virgie, Dorthy, Harold, and Homer infront of Ernice's gas truck, Clearwater, Kansas.
  11. Ernice Lafayette and Flora Agnes (Kunkel) Cheek: E.L. in gas truck driver uniform, with car.
  12. Ernice Lafayette & Flora Agnes (Kunkel) Cheek: walking in town early WWII era (1942 or 1943).
  13. Howard, Homer, Virgie, and Harold Cheek: in Homer's Jasper Co., Missouri home.
  14. Homer Wayne and Virgie Mildred Cheek: portrait, as young children.
  15. Homer Wayne Cheek: in Army uniform before the Korean War.
  16. Homer Wayne Cheek: at the top of the Empire State Building in New York City.
  17. John Lafayette & Tabitha Catherine (Kerr) Pryor with Magel Martis: portait, digitally mastered.
  18. Retha Perthena, Ernice Lafayette, and Lova Elizabeth Cheek: at Erince's Birthday (90 or 91 yrs. old) in Jasper Co. Missouri.

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